Saturday, May 30, 2009

4 lakh plastic bags reduced in 2 hours

You ask how ?

We took 8 students from St. Anne's, Malad for a plastic bag awareness drive in Hypercity- A supermarket in Malad, Mumbai. These kids managed to convince 112 citizens at Hypercity to curb their plastic bag consumption by at least 3 a week. A testimonial to that effect is the signatures of all 112 citizens. Which means these 112 citizens will cut down on their plastic bag consumption by 4 lakh in the next 30 years. And 4 lakh not counting the number of people they in turn convince to curb the use of plastic bags.

We also convinced customers that they could use one bag for all their vegetables instead of one for every single vegetable. This idea was well appreciated by the customers who were more than willing to try out the idea that very instant.

The off shoot of this drive of course was that the students (std 8 to 10) gained a lot of confidence in talking to strangers. The students went back home with broad grins knowing fully well the impact they had on the environment in a matter of 2 hours.

All this was made possible by 8 students from St. Anne's, Mrs. Seema (school teacher), Hypercity folks, Mumbai Rewind and of course all those who joined in the campaign by pledging their support for the cause.

- Karthik.

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