Friday, January 29, 2010

Project Shiksha at St. Anne’s High School

So like I said in the previous post - The stage is set. Every student from Std. 6 to Std 9(each standard has 5 divisions-A to E) from St. Anne’s is going to participate in collecting newspapers for a cause. To make this drive a little more exciting we have organized an inter-house competition as well in the school. The houses (red, green, yellow & blue) are going to compete for precious points.Points based on who collects the maximum amount of newspapers by weight. These points would be clubbed with those earned from various inter-house competitions(sports etc) in school.
The first week’s collections would be announced tomorrow. The last date for the drive is 13th Feb 2010. We hope to collect at least 300kilos from each house over this period.

Fingers crossed!!

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