Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mumbai Rewind - Why?

Mumbai is a city of dreams. With an estimated population of 13 million, it is currently the second most populous city in the world. It has an area of 600 sq kms with a population density of 20000 people per sq km!! It is also estimated that over a 100 people call this city their new home everyday.

This then is a city stretched to the limits.

Growing up in the then Bombay feels like a surreal experience when one looks back today. The streets weren’t overcrowded, the pollution didn’t scare people out of the city, the endless cacophony didn’t raise its ugly veil, the traffic was manageable and the filth would go in dustbins.

As the 20th century bid us adieu something went wrong.

Mumbai today is a mix of crowds and mobs, noises and wars, stench and disease. The problems just seem to be increasing exponentially with no Messiah in sight.

Oh! Everybody is tired of this city; everybody grumbles about it, everybody wishes for change, everybody wishes that somebody will do something about this mess…and yet very few will put in a modicum of effort to change…

Mumbai Rewind is the brain child of a bunch of friends who decided to reverse the trend by bringing about a change for the better, even if it seems very little compared to the enormity of the problem at hand.

We want our old city back!!

- Primus, edited by Karthik

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  1. U guys rock!!!! Keep up the good work and I know MUMBAI will rock with you!!!