Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Project DePlasticize

Have you ever travelled to a place described as breathtaking…only to have the trash and filth there take more than just your breath away? Plastic waste forms the most prominent embellishment.

As inconsequential as this may seem, it played its part in the floods that brought Mumbai to a halt on 26th July 2005, affecting tens of thousands of Mumbaikars either directly or indirectly. We, at the DDC (Dedicated Delivery Center) have decided to reverse this destructive trend.

We began this month by giving up the use of plastic cups in office. Each of us at the DDC took it up as a personal challenge to change our attitudes and use mugs/reusable bottles instead. A week of environmental education saw the core team and each manager taking it up upon themselves to pass the green word on to the entire DDC, irrespective of location.

After some deliberation it was decided to let individuals buy their own mugs, since this gives people a greater sense of responsibility than when something is handed down free. It also allows for personalization and expression of individuality while eliminating the confusion that standard one-type-fits-all mugs could create. The team has supported the cause by buying their own mugs to show that they care for the environment! And slowly but surely, the usage of plastic cups has reduced in the DDC.

We can take this message with us wherever we go. Going on a long trip? Travelling by bus or train? Keep your trash in a bag and throw it in a trash can when possible, rather than out of the window. In the train, use steel cups to have tea/coffee and wash once you’re through.

Now, these simple steps may seem bothersome, but don’t we do this at home? Don’t we keep our houses tidy and try not to waste the resources that we pay for?

Look at the bigger picture. The Earth is our home too!!!

Save the Earth! It's the only planet with coffee on it!

- Primus, edited by Averil

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